Quick Thai Green Curry


Quick Thai Green Curry

Servings 4 people


  • 1.5 tsp turmeric
  • 2 Birds eye chillies (Green or Red)
  • 100 ml fish sauce
  • 30 g ginger
  • 30 g garlic (1-3 cloves)
  • 50 ml sunflower oil
  • Lemon grass - 1 bunch
  • 100 g coriander, use spinach if you don't like coriander
  • 50 g plam suger (you can use soft light brown instead)
  • 30 ml fresh lime juice

For the curry

  • 1 medium white onion
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 green pepper
  • 300 g tined coconut milk (1 tin)
  • 550 g pealed and de-veined king prawns
  • 10 ml sunflower oil


  • 1 spring onion
  • 1 mild chilli
  • 10 g coriander
  • 40 g cashew nuts or peanuts
  • 2 limes cut in half


  • Start by making the paste. For this you will need a blender. Peal the garlic and ginger, trim the top and bottom off the lemon grass then add all the paste ingredients except the coriander into the blender and blitz for 30 second intervals until relatively smooth. You may need to add a drop of water to help. Finally add the coriander and blitz for another 30 seconds.
  • Now take about a quarter of the paste and marinate the prawns ready for later.
  • Pop the tinned coconut milk in the fridge and then heat the oil over a medium high heat. Peel and slice the onion and fry for 2 minutes or until starting to brown slightly. Now add the curry paste stirring through the onions keep stirring for about a minute or two to release the flavour before adding the coconut milk.
  • Take the coconut milk out of the fridge and open the tin upside down. This will allow you to add the milk to the curry and leave the cream in the tin. Stir everything together and continue to cook on a fairly high heat until the water has reduced by about half.
  • Now add the coconut cream from the tin and allowed to simmer for 5 minutes on a low heat. Taste the curry at this point and adjust the flavour. You could want more heat then add a little more chilli, more sugar or lime and more fish sauce or salt and pepper.
  • Whilst the curry is simmering chunky dice your pepper. Heat some oil in a very hot pan and then once smoking add the peppers. Wait for two to three minutes until the peppers are beginning to blister and then turn them and cook the other side for about one minute. Using a slotted spoon remove the peppers and add them to the curry leaving as much of the oil behind as possible.
  • Now bring the curry back up to a medium heat. Spread the prawns out in the pan so that they are not overlapping or on top of each other. They will need turning after about 2-3 minutes which is just enough time to prep your garnish.
  • Finally serve the curry with rice and steamed vegetables and top with the spring onion, chilli and cashew or peanuts.