Our Mission

We strive to be the uk’s most sustainable crew and artist location catering company

Committed to sustainable catering

Sustainability and a commitment to minimise the environmental impact of outdoor events and touring are hugely important cornerstones to our business. Not only do we use local, seasonal produce but we have a sustainability statement we adhere to across all of our working practices.

No single-use plastics 

We use absolutely no single use plastic in our event catering – we minimise food wastage, we use commercial composting and we currently offset 30% of the carbon we produce during the events season. We strive to minimise our impact on the planet and are committed to green catering. We are on track to achieve our goal of 100% carbon offset by 2026.

Ethical produce

All of the meat we use is ‘Tractor assured’ all of the eggs we use are free range. Where possible we use local suppliers, people we know and trust and are assured of their farming practices. We engage with local suppliers so we are able minimise the food miles, diesel and oil consumption in our transportation which has a knock-on effect to the environment. The cleaning products we use, where possible, are environmentally conscious brands. This is not tokenism – it’s who we are.

We are so very proud of our business, we believe we are exceptional in everything we do. We’d love you to contact just one of the people we’ve ever worked alongside, for a reference, we are 100% confident they’ll say the same thing.

Supporting charities & communities

During the Covid pandemic the team behind The Occasional Kitchen established charitable endeavours to support struggling people in Frome, Somerset and for the NHS in Bristol. These were operated entirely not for profit.

“Feed Our Key Workers” was a scheme we offered entirely for free to the NHS in Bristol, where we operated a socially distanced, subsidised canteen for staff, for 9 months in order to support those health care heroes in a time of crisis. No profit was taken for this venture – it was privately funded for very personal reasons to support to those people struggling through exceedingly difficult times.

Free ‘school’ meals during the holidays 

Following news reports that children who would normally qualify for free school meals, were being provided with sub-standard food during the Covid pandemic, The Occasional Kitchen took action. We established a business to feed children who qualify for free school meals, during the holidays.

Always.Cooking provides food to holiday camps throughout Wiltshire, through the FUEL programme. Serving up to 2000 meals per day from a central base, the food is nutrient dense and of exceptional quality. The project continues to this day and is operated entirely not for profit.