Car park party 2020

At the tail end of 2020 we were asked by the fantastic Coalition Agency to provide tour catering for their incredible Car Park Party featuring The Birmingham Stage Company and Horrible Histories.

We can’t tell you how great it was, to be back on the road, doing exactly what we love, nationwide tour catering.

Every day saw us curate a delicious menu for both the production teams, and the customers of the drive in panto. Thats 6 meals a day, including constant hot drinks and snacks. The food was utterly delicious and varied daily. Treats like:

Pan fried steak and chips with béarnaise sauce

Pan fried hake with lemon caper dressing, served on a bed of wilted spinach.

Beef bourginion, dauphinoise potatoes and greens

At the end of each day, we packed up and set off to the next location, never tiring, always with a smile on our faces. The entire tour catering set up was 100% COVID safe; we were all tested before we left, we lived in small bubbles, never mixing, we all wore masks and, of course, followed enhanced cleaning protocols..

Sadly we lost a fair few drive in events at the end, due to the changing restrictions, but we’re bloody proud of what we all achieved.